Thank You For Smoking! ! !

Poem By Abhishek Upadhya

The smell of tobacco still lingers fresh in me,
Passive as I'm, it's still smoking, You see!
A Puff for me, A puff for you, A puff for the world to see.
A puff to hide reality.

So fresh, the whiff of Death
A symphony of Mozart,
A joint is all it takes,
to take your life apart.

Mary Jane smiles upon us,
the fools that we are.
Along with Bacchus,
Makes our lives bizarre.

'Tis is wrong, take a cue.
Bow down, and your days are due.
A joke it is, that's true.
A Butt at the end, the joke's on you..

Comments about Thank You For Smoking! ! !

The smokers know well what you say, but still they are addicted to this evil. Each one has a reason to do this, but they pollute even the non-smokers. While the government is trying to control the smoke discharge from the motor vehicles, they fail to control this kind of smoke more dentgerous to the mankind, because they get a big revenue from the smokers, which they cannot afford to lose. Your poem is timely and should be read by all the smokers.

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