(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Thank You For That (Revised)

To work so hard for such little return is amazing,
inspecting each letter to ascertain whether it is a
tiny container with a dew drop suspended or a
flower or a fairy lamp, comparing each with the
Arabic letters in Ariel - whether a hamza on top
or beneath, an alef beginning or end

Then produce a translation without individual
identification; personal names become gibberish
through Google Translate, but I found Abdullah
and Mohamed – proving my system works, all we
can tell in the end is it concerns a red notice –
but I had a challenge and time flew, stopping

Only when eyes unfocused or frustration made
me seek food – these are happy times in my life,
solving a riddle, finding missing information
while playing with beautiful Arabian letters - and
its why I love you too – you represent a riddle,
questions met with more mystery

Answers I don’t understand – I am so glad you
are inscrutable, that the secrets you hide – maybe
quite guilelessly, maybe not – cannot be discovered
in a one-day wonder of questions and answers – you,
like Arabic, keep my life filled with challenge and
excitement – thank you for that…

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