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Thank You: From A Dear Friend

Thank You: From A Dear Friend

Poem By Almedia Knight Oliver

Thank you

To make it out and call myself
The STAR with a spotlight
Would that be impossible to ask
If you were to guide me through it?

If I was to ask you whether or not
sky is blue or the grass is green
Would you guide me through it?

Lost with confused words and
Hopeful ambitions
Where can I go to if I need your
help and guidance
Would you guide me through it?

Crying with pray're above the sky
Reaching high saying
And you come reaching down and
grab my hand with your own
Color tone difference and all
Would you guide me though it?

For you were my help and
A soldier of understanding through my days
Where the tough was easy
The days were mellow with a
sunshine smile and a
witt of a youth in the southern plains

And for I asked if you would guide me through it?
What I got in return
Was a hand of the scattermind elder
And a friend I can call mine

I dedicate this poem to Ms. Almedia Knight. A co-worker, a fellow poet, a scatterminded elder and a friend. For this you have helped me with your understanding and your integrity of the life on another plain. I write this poem because she has held her hands out to me time after time and for that I love her dearly like my grandmother (I don't know my own grandmother lol) . For your wisdom and your guidance, my spirit was renewed and changed for the better. Thank you Ms. Knight for everything you have given me and so much more. As the buddah said 'Let the wisdom flow within the mind of the fellow and shall one be within'.

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