Thank You God

Thank you God, for waking me
For giving me two eyes to see
For ears to hear so many things
A baby crying, a robin that sings
For the sense of smell, the sense of touch
Thank you God, Thank you so much!
So often I bow and ask you for things
I ask for your watchcare
And the peace it brings
I ask you to care for my father and mother
And to watch o'er my sisters, my brothers and others
Blessings you've given without a doubt
Thank you, unintentionally, I've left out
When I think about it, I'm so glad to know
That when you look down on your creatures below
You look deep into the heart of each one
And know they appreciate all you've done
But let me not trample on the love you give
Just continually thanking you, Lord, let me live

by Betty Ann Tipton

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