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Thank You Jesus
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Thank You Jesus

I raised my head and my hands to the sky
I am filled with the Holy Spirit, so I begin to cry,
Up and down I jump for all that I am thankful for
Possessions, I do not need or want them anymore.
God has given me all that I truly need
And in his name with a smile I'll do a great deed,
I will help the lost and the poor and I will sing out a hymn
As sadly, I have so much more than them.
When I awake God has given me a brand new day
So, I thank him with every word that I do pray,
He has given me my two legs for me to walk
And he gave me a tongue for me to give his praise when I talk.
I can't help the rich as they won't talk or listen to me
But, with the poor and the needy together we are all comfy,
Out of hate or vengeance I will not ever carry a sword
I instead will always follow in the footsteps, of the lord.
Whenever I am alone he is always there
Whenever I need to speak to him, I do so in a prayer,
I know that the lord is forever and that he will never leave us
So, I always end my prayers with a, "Thank You Jesus! ".

Randy L. McClave

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