Fear Thou, Oh Nation

The warning, the alarms
Imminent danger looms the streets, the farms
Crying out loud for everyone to hear
Those things that should make the nation fear.

Fear not that the nation is diverse
It is an issue we cannot reverse
Fear not for varying ethnicity
The tower of Babel bears responsibility
Fear not the dissimilar languages you speak
Lingua franca will edge the prick
Fear not thou exogamy
True love might not be found in endogamy

But fear thou oh nation, the emotion
Of leaders who represent your notion
For they are in corruption engulfed
Money, not your interest loved
Fear thou oh nation, the war
Of people who protect your law
For justice is blinded with the scarf of bribery
Case closed, with the culprit they merry
Fear thou o nation, the office
Where you are regarded a novice
Because you cannot paint the ground for a permit
To see the Managers who unfaithfully remit

The warning lingers
Pointing accusing fingers
What do we for the coming generations hold?
This legacy perpetrated in double-fold?

by Anthony Seyi Abiodun

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That's a sweet poem. It really touched my heart.