Thank You, Mom

Thank you Mom
Thank you Mom

Where I come from
Mom is the word for some

To my Mom
I send you my loving storm
in 'Thank you' forms

Thank you Mom, for bringing me to earth
Thank you Mom, for showing me daily love
Thank you Mom, for being my best friend
Thank you Mom, for your reassuring words
Thank you Mom, for always been there

I may have let you down a few times
But you always forgive me my crimes

Mom you are the best
Mom you are better than all the rest
Mom, I love you, I love you
Hope this is easy for you to digest!

by Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Comments (10)

This is so cute I'd use it for my mother's birthday and for her anniversary. Thanks and God bless you have a nice day!
Mom you are better than all the rest Mom, I love you, I love you... a beautiful Eulogy to Mummy. love your words. they are simple. they are easily understandable.... it conveys sincere love......... thank you dear poetess for this poem. God bless you. tony
A lovey homage paid to loving, endearing and respected mom who is really the best.
I'm sure it was easy for her to digest. What a lovely poem with a good, strong and positive message. Wonderful tribute to Mom. Thanks.
jz wanna say Thank u, , for this poem :)
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