MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)

Thank You Moody Blues

Ice in the sky spreads silver,
a light that gives no colour,
a flutter over skin that starts to quiver
in the multishadowed darkness
that keeps holding sleep at bay.
The moon should not be full tonight,
should be a lightless void inviting
sleep, not lighting paths for memory
to crawl into the tired mind that cannot
turn the voices down to quiet when
the shift of some reflection tugs
at the sinews of the heart,
adrenalin a spike that opens
weary eyes, that makes the day
eternal where no night has come.
O Moon, please turn aside
your glorious reflection of the sun
let night's embrace bring sleep
bring peace, release
the shattered weary soul,
just blink a cloud across your face
to give the dark a chance
to nurture dreams.

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