Thank You Mother

Thank you mother for:
Giving me a wonderful life in this world
Staying with me in the middle of the night
Protecting me from danger and harm
And especially from the endless and payless love.

Thank you mother for:
Being with me in joy and pain of my world
Listening to stories of my experience
Wiping the tears from my face of heartache
Understanding, giving advice from mistakes.

Thank you for:
Being a lovely and caring mother
With your hug, kisses and sweet caress
The softness of your hand Oh! how I really miss
No one compares beyond your tenderness.

Oh! I can't live if living is without you
Yes mother my life depends on you
With your greatness, I do all for you
With what I achieved its the proud for you
Thank you mother, I miss you....I love you.

by Judith Kempis

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