Thank You Mother And Father

Poem By Yogi Sally Ann Slight

Have you noticed lately,
things slipping away from you,
and how Life's not quite going,
the way you'd like it to!

I know you've got a problem,
the solutions are quite clear,
for when was the last time,
you spoke in your Mother's ear!

Your Mother will always keep,
your secrets locked up tight,
and when you finally divulge to her,
she will make things right.

For Mother's now are sent,
to Listen to your pain,
and then Father God will hear You,
to understand, is gain.

It is written, Honor thy Mother,
A Commandment you should do,
for all that she has given,
for your Love, from her to you.

And if your Mother's passed,
and you no longer have her ear,
Then turn your words to Jesus,
and allow Him, your Life to clear!

And also Honor thy Father,
Listen and Obey,
although you call him Dad,
God Listens anyway.

And if your Dad has passed,
as they do one day,
then turn again to Jesus,
and He will guide you on your way.

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