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Thank You Mother(Maa)

She is my life and my soul,
I am a part and she's the whole,
I am an image,
she's real,
whatever I have and whatever I am,
I owe it to her!

So lovely and so caring,
so friendly and inspiring,
thoughtful and kind,
So gentle and so tender,
wonderfully nice,
beautiful as lavender,
humbly wise!

This most wonderful person,
is none other than my Mother,
in this world of worries,
there's someone who at least cares for me,
and yes,
she's my Mother,
Mother is God, God is Mother.

I thank my mother for whatever she is and whatever she has given me,
My humble obeisances on to your Lotus Feet, Thank you O Maa! !

- Kumar Jagannath

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