Thank You, My Friend

Hand in hand, we were silly children
Leading each other into a grown-up world
Filled with fear, uncertainty, unknown demons.
You held my hand when I was near the end.
More than lover, you called me friend.

I told you the painful truth for me.
Scary monsters lurked within in my soul
But I trusted you with who I thought I was.
I was lonely, scared, insecure, rejected.
I felt like a failure, ugly, unlovable.

You found the human essence in my heart.
You challenged me to cry the hidden tears
And speak the unspoken thoughts.
You saw strength where I saw weakness
And looked into my soul and found it’s gold.

You taught me to respond to my own intuition.
You gave me permission to be who I am
And follow the deep yearnings of my heart.
You would not let me hide or run away.
You set me free from my own tyranny.

I saw your confused and muddled beginnings.
I welcomed your joy, playfulness and creativity
And we shared in each other’s spiritual unfolding.
I surrendered to your sexual energy and virility
And found my own suppressed femininity.

We found each other so that we could heal.
I received strength from you to stand on my own
To seek the individual courage to be who I am.
I am learning to trust you and to trust myself.
This is the love we have given to each other.

Thank you for being my playmate for a while.
Thank you for your smile, your wit, your charm.
Thank you for teaching me that I am special.
Thank you for showing me that differences are good.
Thank you for always being true to yourself.

I will persevere now and will reward my own courage.

by Bonnie Moore

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