(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Thank You My Love

THIS is why I adore my beloved so much - you make
the world safe, you have given me a new life - I was
an anxious child, scared of mother and father, fearing
for the safety of my twin sis who wouldn't stop calling
their wrath down on us - with the fear was the feeling
of living without love, as if we lived in a hostile, alien
world - then I met you and the friendship you offered

Was wonderful, yet wonderful things didn't mean much
as anxiety still reigned - then you explained your rules
for life; that's when I realised a miracle was happening
to me: for the first time I was safe, now I could choose
the joy of motherhood because my children would be
safe too; though I sometimes lose sight of these truths
as life goes on, forgetting why the rules are important

Though I blame you when your directions do not seem
wise; insight into the way your guidance made my world
safe & brought me delight always returns when danger
is overcome; like a knight you fight every dragon
trying to kill us and you give us a talisman, a rule
by which danger is averted; tonight, when our little
prince came home, sad & disappointed with his 'friends'

I saw you taking care of him, giving him love - and
knew this is why you are King, I obey, honour & respect
you as you treat me like your Queen and extend your
benevolence to our whole family, leading us safely
through the world's labyrinth - I love you so much,
would like to honour you more, wish I could really
put a crown on your head, not just in thought:

Thank you my love...

[1 February 2015]

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A tribute to a few good men..you are indeed blessed to have found such a love..blessings and more love for you and yours..thank you for sharing..janine