Thank You, My Love

Thank you for coming into my life
You made my long nights into day
In my darkness, you were a candle light
Showed me out, pointing the way

Thank you for taking interest in what I do
You wanted me to fly high, like an eagle
Your constant push, affirmation were so true
Giving meaning to my purpose and struggle

Thank you for being there, my soul mate
Sharing love, care, and concern
Breadcrumbs I asked; a loaf I got, instead
Giving with no conditions, no return

Thank you for being you, my Solitary Rose
For sharing our Secret Love Garden
For showering in my love, poetry or prose
For hours shared in moon-lit garden

Thank you for lovely early morning messages
Greetings you send me with your sunshine
Soulful words of heart you pep talk, encourage
Goodnight kisses and hugs before you lie

Thank you for active-listening when I spoke
Intently listened, to understand and comfort me
Caressing eyes; your hands, my face stroked
You rolled your hands in mine, felt me warmly

Thank you for making me your hero and man
You made me an eagle to fly high
You know in depth, all of me, of who I am
You're the wind beneath my wings when I fly

Thank you for your fervent prayers
As dawn's offerings, sending prayer-incense
Praying for blessings, abundantly I'd prosper
You are God-sent as if known you long since

An angel sent to be lifelong best friend
To love, care and share our lives
To spiritually, emotionally ascend
Our lives lived, not just for ourselves

To God be, the glory!


by Paul Sebastian

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Meaningful longing for a true friendship, which is really meagre nowadays, dramatic words, gud flow of thoughts, thanks poet perfect 10