Thank-You Note

I wanted small pierced earrings (gold).
You gave me slippers (gray).
My mother said that she would scold
Unless I wrote to say
How much I liked them.

                Not much.

by Judith Viorst

Comments (11)

This poem conveys 2 important virtues. First, he mother is teaching the child to be thankful in every way though it did not match her's the thought that counts. Second, the mother is giving what she really needs rather than what she wants. I love this short but wisdom-filled poem.
When a parent forces a child to write a thank you note, this proves the parent should read it before sending it. Children tend to be so truthful it hurts.
why does it keep saying a nbsp for 24 sec
Yes, thank you is a beautiful sentence / phrase we should utter in time, thanks for sharing
Dear poetess, your thought is very nice, but so far as presentation is concerned we want more Gold from you! Chandan
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