Poem Hunter
(February 26,1982 / Lawrence, KS)


Poem By Danny Speicher

I am thankful for the colored autumn leaves
And the crisp cool nights and stars all around
When I quietly look to the heavens
I'm thankful for a moment without sound

I am thankful for my family's love
And the familiarity it brings
When I see the smiles of all my friends
I am so grateful for such precious things

I am thankful for God's blessings to me
And the blessings He gives to those He loves
When I think of mankind's fate without Him
It's not hard to praise for gifts from above

But, what strikes me most this thanksgiving day
Isn't the dinner or the memories made
And it isn't our nation's Pilgrim way
It's the fulfillment of years of prayers prayed

When praying someone would come take my hand
And love who God made and who I would be
Whom I could hold and who, with me, would stand
I'm so blessed I found that one who loves me

So, I'm thankful for love this holiday
And the warmth that it has brought to my heart
When I dream how beautiful, sweet she is
I'm thankful some day we'll never depart

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