BIM (5-30-76 / Tennessee)


What is around this life that I see?
Someone is staring at every turn, hoping that I will crash and burn.
Someone is glaring at the back of my head.. judging me..loathing me.

When I look in the mirror I see the hurt in my eyes,
The gratefulness of a long goodbye.
I see the wrinkles in my fat little hands as I try so hard to meet lifes' demands.
I see my long curly hair drape across my back,
I can take good care of myself, no denying that.
When I look in my soul I see disappointment and fear, loss of control as her death draws near.
When I look at my smile I see lots to share...doesn't cost a thing so what is to spare?

What is around this life that I see?
I have a wonderful child that loves and adores me.
My mother is still here no matter how sick and frail,
I love when she threatens to spank my tail..haha.
My true friends that know my heart,
Will be here for me and never part.

All those who judge me and turn up their nose, think they are so good..or so THEY suppose...
What do they have when all is still?
Who is their friend? A magic little pill?
Not the one they gossip with, cause they do it to them too..
Not the one they scowl upon, who wants to be with you?
Not even their family because they don't even care how they treat their own, if their feelings are spared.
I see these people every day..

I am thankful for what I see my mirror, thankful in every way.

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