Thankful To Write

Poem By Samuel Hall

Where to start, where even to begin,
To search the sky or to search within.
To be thankful is a treasure enough for me.
What else am I thankful for? You will soon see…
I’m thankful for this rock that we call earth,
For the one who created it, for the virgin birth.
I’m thankful for the blood that was shed for my sake,
And the one who did it, my faith he has made.
I’m thankful for the food set before us right now,
As we anxiously wait to eat and devour.
I’m thankful for my family who’s always been there,
To help and support, to love and to care.
I’m thankful for the air, for gravity and life,
The sun and the moon, and all the trees that are planted.
For seatbelts, a home, pets, and arms open wide,
And everything else we’ve taken for granted.
Such as the chair you sit in, the shirt on your back.
That whole deck of cards with all the kings, queens, and jacks.
The calendar on the wall, the watch on your wrist,
The clouds in the sky, a meaningful kiss…
I’m thankful for the chance I have to go to school,
So I won’t grow up to be a fool.
I’m thankful for whatever I am going to be,
Someone to touch people’s lives and set them free.
I’m thankful for everyone here, every human soul,
That makes this gathering possible to cherish and hold.
I’m thankful for the life that I have been given,
A chance to love life and grow old.

Comments about Thankful To Write

That line may work better as something like 'such as the chair that you sit in/the fold of your back/ the aces and queens/the kings and the jacks'. Nicely done. Life-affirming.

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