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Thanking Soldiers
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Thanking Soldiers

I thank the Soldiers who have all served
With prayer and thanks to them the unnerved,
Praise and congratulations you deserved
Our freedom and way of life you preserved.

For our liberty and our rights you boldly sought
From patriotism you proudly fought,
With your blood and life our way of life you bought
Bravery and true allegiance to us you taught.

When our nation called you were first there
Whether enlisted or drafted for our country you did care,
Our country gave you a promise and then a prayer
Both bravery and honor you did bare.

You came home with medals pinned upon your chest
Sadly many received theirs by bequest,
You showed freedom and patriotism can never rest
You protectors of freedom are truly blessed.

But, to those men who refused our nations call
When others did stand, and sadly many did fall,
Don't speak your fake excuses or lies in any patriots Hall
You are yellow belly cowards, one and all.

Randy L. McClave

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