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When we who dream in subtle greens,
awaken to the black of things—
a smile upon a faceted mask,
cries within the simple breast.
Victor, victims phantom limb,
visage veil a dying djinn—
or eye imposter to simmering soul,
manifold mind mathematical.
Then time will dwell where morning dies,
and laughter cry the southern sky,
curtain know that window lied,
and adder in an attic hide.
For envy's green will not be shriven,
of addicts angst, a gift ungiven.

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Oooo this is a bit like doing mental gymnastics. I enjoyed the story.'curtain know that window lied, ' Now who would think of doing that? that line has inspired me because it opens up a whole new way of expressing emotion, and I think I'll borrow that concept and apply it to my own work. The possibilties are endless! I like reading your stuff because it makes me think and having got under the skin of this piece, this reader takes away the memory. Thanks Best Jayne