IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Thanks But No Thanks

I will not buy a doctorate or any other second rate.
Useless diploma or degree that you are keen to sell to me.
A B.Sc or M.BA as long as I’m prepared to pay
You are prepared to certify not only that I qualify.
In any subject I may choose. There is no way you will
refuse to supply me with a degree. Almost not quite a forgery
Apparently legitimate but what these colleges don’t state
Employers who are worldly wise will refuse to recognise
Degrees which have been granted by some obscure university
Though you were fooled they will not be; employers are fooled easily
You will be wiser to ignore spam messages that promise more
Much more than what they can achieve. They should be banned I do believe.
They’re just a money making scam by folks who do not give a damn
About your future anyway as long as you’re prepared to pay
You have no come back legally you pay for your naïveté.

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