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Thanks For Drunkenness
(6-26-1980 / othello)

Thanks For Drunkenness

Poem By Jon Edward Walker

Thank you lord for my cabin
thank you lord for life
thank you lord for college
and information that keeps me alive
thank you lord for Arthur
thank you for my son
thank you lord for love
that makes the both seem fun.

thank you lord for alcohol
and the paper upon which I write
thank you for student loans
and the fact that I don’t own a gun
I’d probably shoot my father
I’d probably shoot my wife
I’d probably shoot myself
and end my worthless life

I thank you lord for patience
I thank you for the night
both of which bring me peace
and solace to my strife

I thank you again for alcohol
mother nature and rain
thank you for teaching me
to live with my pain

Please let me be lord
drunk the rest my life
let me not feel loneliness
anger fear or strife
let young sweet girls
fawn over me
with tight pussies
let me be drunk
monetarily satisfied
and laid.

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ROFL. Absolutely one of your best. It's great to give thanks for the great things in life, mainly beer and sex, but the others are nice, too. :)