The Last Time

Dishonoured and disgraced the angel of
Death crept up on me in my walk of shame.
To put an end to my name and take the breath
In my lungs, spill the blood in my veins,
Blind the vision of my eyes and silence the
Voice in my mind.
He lift up his weapon to put an end
To the very life I hold dear. he filled my heart
With fear and it became clear that I wander
Through life and in that moment of my predestined
Demise I was confused as to whether I am dead or alive.
For my soul is wounded by constant arrows of depression.
I am a man with no purpose, no reason to continue to exist
For I have wronged my Lighthouse and find myself in inescapable
Darkness that I knew so well buthad forgotten about but still remembers me.
As death came to claim what was promised by fate. I like a
wild animal being preyed upon by the most skilled of predators
Began to engage in a seemingly impossible race that would determine
My survival.whether I would see another day or the very breath I take would
Be my last. In quick succession I fiercely took steps that led me away
From the grim reaper that had come for my soul. I may have escaped
The sting of death but the pain in my heart remained and in my
Mind echoed your name and the guilt of my transgression.

by brendon khore

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Nicely done. Triggers the imagination, and it's probably happened more than once!
Marvelous. So different is the look to look at the happening of nature and universe. It is perhaps the quality to go beyond time. We all actually searching such new look towards life and object. Unique indeed and obviously universal. Good post by PH.
no end to mysteries, Dana
Cant say who sent the flowers but a beautiful drop.liked it.
How sweet, these would be a lovely weekly surprise. thank you Dana. May this surprise come again
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