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Thanks For Sharing
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Thanks For Sharing

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

How tough is it to be depicted,
As being wise and intelligent?
That depends.

'Continue, please.
That depends on what? '

The person unexpected,
To have wisdom or intelligence...
Because of,
Appearances are so...
You feel me?

'It's okay.
I'm not sensitive.
You mean being black? '

I mean...
I know some folks,
Who have been black 'most' of their lives.
I'm referring to...
People who are not into impressing others.
The ones who are 'who' they are wherever they are.

What about being black?
What do you have to say about 'that'? '

I apologize.
I didn't know.
Don't be offended by this,
If you had not admitted it,
That would have been the furthest thing from my mind.
I had no idea. You don't look it.
I guess I'm not so wise and intelligent afterall.
If it's okay with you,
I'm cool with it.

'I'm talking about your intelligence.'

Hey. Calm down.
Trust me...
I wont tell a sole.
If you hadn't said anything,
I would not have noticed it at all.
Sometimes it is best,
To keep to ourselves what we know.
Thanks for sharing.
I lived in San Antonio.
And it's difficult to tell who is who there.
But like you...
People there are also just as proud.
They will admit in a minute what the deal is.
God, I love that place.

'You realize,
I'm talking about you? '

I'm use to it.
Some of 'us'...
Simply have no choice.
I'm cool.
You can say anything about me you want.
But if I were you,
If no one knows...
I wouldn't mention it.

'Mention what? '

You know?
The abstract.
What appears to be what it is,
But in reality it is something else.

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