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Thanks For That Thoughtfulness
(11/07/1975 / Natonin, Mountain Province, Philippines)

Thanks For That Thoughtfulness


Thanks for that thoughtfulness
Radiating from your loving heart,
You're my angel as you profess
Healing words of wisdom by thy art.

I believed I could never ever fine
Someone like you with thoughts divine
Whose ways have shown and defined
That poetry can heal a troubled mind.

Your kindness thought me to love
A woman like you even if you're away
Nor I can have the chance to behold
The beauty that made me feel this way.

Thanks and I am always wishing you
The best of life in everything you do
And may the good Lord showers you
His blessing of life never be blue.

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wow, I could not beleive what i am reading now....beautiful loved, but lost in....well, i love how you loved her and i know why :)
one day you will find the special star, Which will add to your flame, And you will burn brighter then ever, Spreading joy and happiness for miles around. that was the way it could have been, After weeks and months, maybe ten Years would go by, and someone would query 'Who was that girl, so young it was eerie, That she would want to die, Even before she gave life a try.' Or ask, 'Think of her mother, what must she feel? Does she still think if this is actually real? Or does she wish her baby will still come home? ' Even though now her soul might roam In the wide open world she needed so severely, Despite the people she hurt so badly... That was almost the way things turned out, Death seemed the only way to go about The confusion inside her heart and soul, That pain added to all other hurts-the whole Suffering-that came with the package. All that bottled emotion turned to rage, She found a self-destructive outlet, Her way of screaming, but being quiet Enough for no one to hear Her pain, and all that fear. she is dying in that grotesque way, Wanting to go, needing to stay..