Thanks For The Disaster

You know how when there’s a disaster where a bunch of
people are killed and the one guy who survives thanks God?
I think that’s a pretty screwed up perspective on the situation.
I know he’s happy to be alive, but if anything, he should be
cursing God for letting everyone else perish.

Now, why did God save this one guy’s sorry ass? Because the
guy went to church and prayed? I’m sure some of those folks
who perished did that too.

I know what you’re going to say – that it’s all part of God’s
mysterious plan. What an ignorant explanation that is!
And it’s not even an explanation.

I suppose Hitler was part of God’s plan too? And what about
Michael Bolton? Was it God’s plan to make that talentless hack
a superstar? Now that I think of it, maybe it was God himself
who went out and bought up all those CDs in order to
artificially run Bolton up the charts. If that’s the case, then it’s
true that God has a very mysterious plan. But at least he has a
sense of humor.

by Professor Poetry Hound

Comments (8)

I'm not religious, but would offer some thanks to the almighty if that disaster known as GWB were to go away. -chuck
I can't tell you how happy I am (for purely selfish reasons, of course - don't go thinking I've gone soft now!) to see you've posted a new one. You haven't disappointed me either. The usual well written, laugh out loud humour (Michael Bolton? !) , but also a new depth, a genuine and heartfelt dimension.10 from me.
Of course God as a sense of humor, Professor...did you ever look at a camel? And what about sex? Didnt creating sex take an enormous sense of humor. As to the disasters, who really knows? I'm not getting sucked into that one...but I'm also not sure this is a poem, my friend. :) Raynette
Thanks for the perceptive perception PH. Superior stuff. The right stuff!
Hey Prof, good to see you. The problem is that people think that God micromanages. Every little thing is Gods doing, good or bad, from wrecks to catching a football. I prefer to think we have something to do with our results. Good to see you posting Rusty
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