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Thanks For The Suggestion
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Thanks For The Suggestion

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

I admit to have lost my patience,
But refuse to expose an opposing attitude...
With those who have chosen,
A lifetime of amusing themselves...
At the expense of dispensing humor on a daily basis.
To then one day awaken with a serious side of life to face,
Claiming to have taken a point of view...
That reflects accountability and responsibility accepted too.
With a readiness to provide 'me' with recommendations.

And with a guaranteed change of weather,
Remembered are these same people...
Who accused others who had long ago did just this,
As fools who wanted to get attention for being different.
And chose to separate themselves from others in play mode.
But 'now' they campaign to show their seriousness exposed.
In disbelief others accepting adulthood had already been shown,
Through a process of 'adulthood' for them already known.

'You know...
There is nothing like being conscious,
To all aspects of life to experience.'

What a concept.
I just 'might' consider that,
When I find 'your' time...
To allow it to be contemplated.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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