Thanks Givng Cries

Poem By Melissa Caron

Why must Americans, so bitterly say
Thanks Giving is on its way?

What does Thanks Giving mean to you?
Just another day to, make it through?

We as human's seem to forget
The holiday's are not a threat

It is a time to give thanks and praise
Give generosity, to change our ways

Rotten souls, fill the face of this earth
Ruining the holiday's and what they are worth

What about those with no shelter, or an ounce of food?
Who, most Americans exclude

They fight to survive
Have we no appreciation, for being alive?

If you are like me
You will see

We create, the definition
Spread the tradition, I am on a mission

This Thanksgiving Day
Will Americans stand up and say

I will give a miracle to a family, this Thanksgiving day
A family will be given a feast, by me, on this holiday

No sister, brother, father, or mother, shall feel alone
Let the generosity, be forever known, appreciation will be shown

I also pray, on Thanksgiving Day
To open up a gateway, to the definition we betray

No more children, will be beaten or abused
Their body, no longer be bruised

This Thanks Giving, I will give thanks and praise
For how I am blessed, I will change my ways

I will appreciate my father, I will love my mother
They may not be perfect, I have one though, I will thank my brother

For fighting this pathetic war
Handing America, an open door

Please, join me in giving, A new better holiday
Where every heart, has a reason to say

Thank you for giving, me a bran new start
You truly, hold a gold filled heart

If we do not change, the fate depends upon us
You are so naive, you continue to fuss

Over the gift's that only come Christmas Day
Being selfish, for you I kneel down to pray

With, our society turning cold
Thanksgiving, is growing old

It remains is in a phase
Blinded by the devil's ways

Rich and poor, open your eyes, you need to realize
All thanks to us, Thanks Giving Cries

The future of this day, we hold
We all have visions wrapped in Gold

Will our vision's, just be visions this year
Or will they become clear?

In this sad, poetic rhyme, I share with you today,
Loneliness is felt, carelessness is given, in our egotistical sort of way

Due to the fact, we refuse to compromise
We have ruined Thanksgiving, what a surprise

We need to make a change in our nation
Ending, the starvation, families are in a damnation

Thanks to immigrants, our country has new border stations
That is the Governments, type of donations

The president, wants to stop the war?
Absolutely heinous, unlike anything ever before

Thanksgiving, is cursed
Americans, bring it to the worst

Thank you America, for being the reason Thanksgiving cries
We cut live's short, following what the economy supplies

Hundreds have died today
For the penny, that we refused to pay

It is not the turkey, or the stuffing on that plate
It is about the moment's, we create

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