(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Thanks, Guys!

In search of crime and criminals
I muster my subliminals.
Write poems, simply, on the run
and wish I had a loaded gun.
Since time is really of the essence
I can't attend those forum lessons.
To those of you who wrote opinions
about my poems, and the minions
who love the daylight out of me
I do accept all flattery!
Yet time is short, thus please excuse
my seeming lazy and obtuse
neglect of those who took the time
it is not meant to be a crime.
I thank you all, please read some more
the stuff I send from distant shore.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

I thank you for this poor excuse for ratting on your reading dues Your work is full of clever use of language and poetic hues But running while you're writing though it's possibly exciting is a pretty slack defence of your non-commenting stance Yet, your honesty impresses so I'll dropp the second guesses And now and then I'll have a look Within your massive poem book
I haven't been reading or writing much, but your poems are always amazing. Promise to catch up on the 2,147 reads Sherbert. xoxo : b Angie
Don't mention it, Herbs. Just finish sorting whatever it is you're sorting, and then come back again (fully) . Love, Gina.
muster my subliminals, makes the poem...............................