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Thanks Us Of A

I was asked to go away one day
To a place very, very far away
Go for your country, be a man
WE want you to fight in Vietnam

Kill, kill, kill was the game plan
It sure does stink here, welcome to Nam
Your not wanted here, but do your good deed
There's plenty of heroin, and lots of weed

A lot of good men were blown away
For reason's no one will say
We all went there young, and bold
The one's who came back were very old

372 days of total confusion
No one tried to find a solution
Big politics ran the game
Now they try to say we're insane

Ten whole years after the fact
Now they want to put our backs
Didn't want us when we came home
Wanted us to go away, and leave them alone

Fight for my country, never again
I told myself that when I left Long Bien
If ever threatened I'll fight again
Only for my home, the house I live in

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