Une lettre de son nom la transforme en animal,
Le changement d'intonation dans la voix de son clerc
En fait une statue d'or,
On est jamais sûr de lui faire face,
Il lui suffit de parler pour rajeunir.

by Marcel Aouizerate

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I thank you for my senses....... i thank you for my hands and legs. i thank you for my brain. I thank you for my heart and soul... beautiful prayer my dear Richard. it touched me. I am in tears. tony
And one heart shared with God and Humans10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Such a lovelypoem. We have so much to be thankful for. Wish you a very happy holiday season.
And One Heart Shared with God - - a powerful poem. all the senses, all that with which we acquire knowledge and the faculties with which we love......all are given by God and my soul is for you. liked it very very much dear poet Richard. tony
A perfect and Thanksgiving and so humbly to the Lord Creator ! ! liked it very much. Thank you Poet for posting! ! 10+++!
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