Dare To Be Different

Dare to be different and go against the flow,
Dare to be unique and embrace your own glow,
Dare to break the norms, dare to evolve,
Dare to change the way things around you revolve,

Dare to be yourself, do not always follow the common crowd,
Dare to let your voice stand out, let it be clear and loud!
Dare to go against traditions if you see them as trash,
Dare to burn through all your trials and turn them to ash,

Dare to be a pioneer of a concept, have not fear and doubt,
Dare to contribute knowledge, that is what living is about,
Dare to be criticized, dare to learn and improve,
Dare to get better, even though some might disapprove,

Dare to be great, dare to lead a new revolution,
Dare to bring a paradigm shift, lead minds to an evolution,
Haters will come, people will be cruel and mean,
People will try and sabotage you and try to make a scene,

Dare to fight back, dare to protect your ideas at any cost,
Dare to face fear, dare to rise up even if you have lost,
Dare to be persistent, dare to be confident and brave,
Dare to stand strong through life until you hit the grave,

Most things we take for granted today were once absurd,
Like the idea of man flying and soaring like a bird,
The world was thought to be flat for hundreds of years,
Until men went against tradition to bring truth to our ears,

So dare to be different, you might discover something new,
Have faith in your soul when proving a new fact to be true,
Dare to be different, dare to go that extra mile,
Dare to be an extraordinary man and live life with a smile!

by Daya Nandan

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Beautiful, crystalline writing, as always