Thanksgiving Brother

Hope your turkey consumption was gristle free
Thanks for the note and thinking about me
Wish I had been there to join in all the fun
A years now gone; can you hear the starting gun?

Gazing into the Hotel Lights soft rich hue
I hear you speak from Pinecrest Avenue
'Lets all just think', setting us free from our bonds
We're no longer floundering, grasping at fronds

I travel a parallel path, days away
Life's a dancefloor and I'm a shit ballet
I wished for an audience-free stage last night
Cutting off my nose for my faces spite

Four weeks left of giddy anticipation
So this is the feeling of elation
Words fail at this conclusionary juncture
And I feel what time is: a chilly puncture


(A Thanksgiving note to my brother and best friend.)

by Thomas Raguar

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