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Thanksgiving Day Poem
TS (7/28/87 / California)

Thanksgiving Day Poem

When this day comes,
it seems we have an obligated thank;
to a name we try and think of,
but tend to draw a blank.
There is so much to be thankful for,
on this one single day.
So much beauty
that will carry you away.
All these overlooked objects
that color this earth,
should really be counted
as of great worth.
The skies that change,
as the day progresses.
The trees that shift,
into their seasonal dresses.
The chirping of birds
that awaken our day.
God's open ear
that listens to us pray.
Love that's passed,
through the simple smile;
encouraging our ambitions,
to go the extra mile.
Children's joy that shines,
blossomed flowers that intertwine,
even the moments of transcendence
that send shivers down the spine.
All this beauty and awe,
comes from our creator.
So if you need to pass that last thank you,
Who will ever be greater?

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