Thanksgiving Or Thanks-Receiving?

Should Thanksgiving be Thanks-Receiving?
Because it is a gift God gave,
Through the crucifixion of Jesus,
Our souls have been redeemed and saved.

Thanks for the cross at Calvary,
The Blood that shed when nailed to a tree,
Giving a way so I could see,
Providing a life more abundantly.

We celebrate Thanksgiving once a year,
A family gathering we hold so dear,
While Thanks-Receiving is every day,
For all the blessings, that come our way.

There shouldn’t be just one day a year,
To pay homage and bring our Lord near,
Grace rains down only from Heaven,
The God I know is open 24 / 7.

Everyday I don’t expect turkey & cheese cake,
However, I do look forward for God to make...
The promises of the Bible will manifest,
Always going to Him with our very best.

Every hour we must spiritually grow,
A daily praise to let the Lord know,
Diligently the love of God we seek,
Not just once or twice a week.

Football can be watched at any time,
Same for a feast with celebrated wine,
Daily kneel and count your blessing,
Honor in worship we should be confessing.

Jesus wasn’t sent to be second rate,
Nor would the Kingdom have a narrow gate,
There’d be no such thing as accepting Christ late,
Committing sins would not have sealed our fate.

Yes! In Acts 20: 35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive, ”
But! Luke 6: 38, “Give and it will be given to you, ” I do believe,
Isaiah 45: 19 (Amplified) “God didn’t call to a fruitless service,
I promised them a just reward, ” in seeking do not get nervous.

So why have one day a year for Thanksgiving,
When it’s everyday we all pray to live,
While eagerly awaiting Thanks-Receiving,
The abundance our Lord promised to give.

by Luke Easter

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