Tharindu - For Nimal

A pair of shining eyes
hides under dark lashes,
almond skin
blushes - satin soft.
Fine spun tresses
cascade down her back.

She doesn't say much,
but when he tells us of
the three miscarriages,
I see the flash of pain -
as her lips part
in a shy smile.

by Alison Cassidy

Comments (11)

Absolutely stunning. My favourite by you. Love, Susie xx
I needed to read this poem twice... no three times to be able to take it all in, its so beautiful and compassionate as it captures human chararcter to the last detail. Amazing poem, so heart stopping its one that i will remember, ur talent to use words in such an effective way amazes. Take care, Mel xx
I love this one, Allie. You have the gift of being able to humanize the poem, so few poets really do get this. Filled with love and understanding. Wonderful, one of my favorites. Rich in description and compassion and in so few words, amazing. Fondly, Ashley xo
one of the best poems I have read so far, absolutely brilliant, wonderfully compassionate and so full of feeling Thankyou, this is great Love duncan X
Finely crafted indeed Allie
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