That Ain'T About To Happen Here

Just because you do not see my scars...
Or I do not brag about the wounds I've suffered,
They are there.
Some healing from the drops of blood...
That have left stains on the path of my journey!

And if for a one second,
You believe I am going to stop...
To pour tea and gossip.
You have picked the wrong one,
To do that with!
I am very upfront about that.

I will share this with you,
I am in no mood to debate...
Over who would benefit from my experience.
Or the fuzzy feeling I would get,
From captivated wide eyed children...
I would rather strangle.
Since I've learned very early in my travels...
Experiences can not be taught!
They must be lived to appreciate.
Complete with discipline that motivates.

And I am not the one to sit patiently,
While someone decides...
If my life is worthy of someone's attention.
They may or may not give.
After my throat has become hoarse,
From screaming at the top of my lungs.
For that I am not qualified!

I am not living my life for that kind of decision,
To be made.
Or waste my time in discussion...
About the disadvantages my actions may create.
That ain't about to happen here.

You can,
If you wish to call it...
Self involvement.
I too have learned many lessons.
And I am not certified,
To solve someone else's problems!
Or will be baited to complicate,
My own issues.
And I've got some needing my focus.
Prioritized with a peace of mind...
I am not about to give up!

You can,
If you wish to call it...
Self involvement.
And you would be correct!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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