'' That Angel Set My Soul Free ''

Poem By Bri Mar

That angel I called,
Didn't reply,
Why he had stalled?
I don't know why,
He would not be enthralled,
When his God I deny,
What could he do for me?

Then I felt a presence,
It was ever so near,
A mysterious pleasance,
I refused to endear,
A spirit in essence,
Is not really here,
Though some people wouldn't agree.

I then seen a vision,
Of what lay ahead,
This needed revision,
Was I being led,
I'd to make a decision,
Was it all in my head,
It was then that I made a plea.

If you truly exist,
Prove you are true,
Otherwise desist,
Then it happened on cue,
He appeared in my midst,
Saying, I'm here for you,
Stay calm, there's no need to flee.

Feeling so scared,
I wanted to run,
My soul he then bared,
It wasn't much fun,
You are being prepared,
A new life has begun,
Suddenly I was filled up with glee.

Faith and belief,
Are there for all,
I felt such relief,
Someone answered my call,
To help those in grief,
I won't ever stall,

‘' That Angel Set My Soul Free ‘'

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