That Angst Aint What It Use To Be

Every conceivable trick in the book they could use,
Even to amaze a professional magician...
Those seeking attention had done to abuse,
Others who are still innocent with precise deception.
To depict anyone they chose to choose,
As an enemy to successfully accuse.

'How can people like them,
Be defended?
Where does a defense begin...
When their actions reflect,
All lessons taught we ourselves respect.
Without a complete dissecting...
Of a consciousness in need of a thorough process,
We can no longer neglect.'

And then one day,
Misdeeds backfire to expose evil ways.
Face to mirrored face.

With no explanation they could create.
A self examination...
Has never been raised in any debate.
Isolated hatred has been their fate.
In continued divisions...
They have kept separated.

With angst in their minds,
They belabor to define their grief.
Proving that angst aint what it use to be...
To just leave behind so easily.
As denials increase...
To keep reality deluded.
And realities deluded always betray.

'Stop pointing your finger at me.
I have a college degree.
I'm not crazy.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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