That Annual Spark Of Light

Sooner or later,
It will be discovered...
What is wished to want with it to come,
Is not as easy to get.
Without effort made to endeavor it.
And not to delay everyday,
That task it takes to apply work done.
More mental than physical.
More strategic than not.
More to eliminate obstacles.
And blocking out comments.
Negative naysayers,
Doing this to be heard nonstop.
Knocking down whatever is positive.

Claim as time passes,
What could have been accomplished.
If unity and the support of it to give,
Had been realized by everyone.
To provide for all cemented benefits.
You know...
That annual spark of light that comes.
To go just as fast.
When one succeeds with kept faith to keep.
Done to do to have naysayers disbelieve.

Sooner or later.
And often with hindsight.
Wishes to want with them to come.
Arrives for that one,
Not sitting around awaiting approval.
Or support with it given,
From those committed and prepared...
To knock down block and stop,
Efforts endeavored to move ahead.
Another does.
Despite of opposition.
And those taking that position.
Of wishing to want as if it given.
But negativity to pour,
Has never produced anything concrete.
But more it to get.
Shared amongst those,
Worshipping to disapprove...
What others do.
Yet are quick to remain blinded,
As to who delivers and provides the benefits.
Until the stopping of it happens.
Sooner or later.
And often too late,
To contemplate...
The meaning of unity and its diversity.

"I'm not interested in that.
That's your thing."

My thing offers to you,
Benefits too! -

"How is that possible?
If you get attention.
With me not to be mentioned."

-Are you seeking the attention?
Or the benefits to you,
From what others do.
With it done to see,
A creating of opportunities.-

"Nobody is that stupid! "

Thank God I'm not obligated,
To be the one...
Proving you wrong.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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