That Ball They Choose To Bounce

Although they have been persistent,
With requests to free them from limits.
They wish less restrictions of government,
In their perceived over governed lives.

But yet...
During national disasters they expect,
The government to step in quickly...
To save their dreams from floating down streams.
And a catering to their needs immediately.

They protest with voices raised,
That the government intends to 'socialize' their days.
And a capitalistic system already depleted of feeding greed,
Has agreed to respect and honor their pleas.

But yet...
They become surprised and upset,
When cuts to their entitlements are proposed.
To balance a budget needed to impose.
And those who had advocated this,
Begin to poke out their lips.
When it is learned and discovered,
The first on the list is granting the ones insisting...
For those less restricted wishes.

'Someone, somewhere misquoted our desires.
You see...
Our wishes were for you to cut 'their' entitlements.
To leave the ones we deserve to remain intact.'

And that ball they choose to bounce,
To announce themselves independent...
They want it to be bounced back,
To be debated and determined...
As to when specifically that independence begins.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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you have asked a very good question here and you all know the answer as well. The Europeans and the first world countries should not be mocked as the selfish nations for finishing and destroying the natural resources of the world for their greed! Good poem!