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That Boy
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That Boy

There is always that boy
The boy who is magical
Well he's not
He may seem like it
But he's not
He makes it seem magical
But he's taking you over
Little by little
Saying you can't have those friends
Friends you've knew for years
He said they weren't good for you
he said that cause they knew
he was bad news
He told you not to eat to much
you'll get fat and he won't like that
He told you to wear this and that
To do this and that, say this and that
But you never asked why
Cause he said he loved you and
Wanted to make you better
He had all the friends
He ate all the food
Made you small inside
And outside
You looked different
You didn't see you anymore
You saw him you saw more of him
Than you

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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The good advises from the boy may be a mystical character to correct the mindset of the individual and it is a good poem.