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That Boy Has My Heart!
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

That Boy Has My Heart!

That boy has my heart!

He says he found it
and it's 'finders keepers'...
his eyes daring me to take it back
grubby sticky fingers clinging
to it, adamant not to let go

Me, feeling the life flowing from me
(as I cannot live without a heart)
do not have a heart to take it back from him

seeing the reverence with which he
holds it to himself as if it is
the most sacred of possessions he
will ever possess…

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Comments (2)

Hello poet Yuri. Sounds a little like a very young romance 'sticky fingers'. Delightful poem. LC Taylor
None of us can be possessed but some folks try to own us. But I do confer that hearts can be owned by others, no less. Enjoyed reading this. Good write. HG; -) xx