That Cake We Bake

If it isn't what you wish it to be,
Why is that the fault of others?
Or with druthers you express,
A blaming to claim them...
Not doing their best to protect your interests?
What is it that you have done,
With an active participation to prove to anyone...
You welcome a doing of sweat and sacrifice?
Or making attempts to improve your own life?

'I know what I like and what for me is right.
And inspite of my comments,
I am treated as if I am not in sight.'

Perhaps making it known you do not condone,
What it is that others do for you...
Would be more respected if you chose to accept,
Less heated breath from your mouth to blow...
With a showing to those you are not opposed,
To doing what it takes to remove your own obstacles.

What are they going to do?
Sit while I do this? '

Why should you care,
If you say you are the only one aware...
Of what it is you wish and want?
Or are you more concerned of paying your dues,
And in the doing of it you seek attention too?
Sometimes that cake we bake has to go without frosting.
And usually done not to be witnessed by anyone.

I want the credit.'

You want to impress.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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