That Cup Of Coffee

Why is it one seems to be able,
To hold onto a dollar for days?
And yet...
Hundreds of dollars would take just hours,
To spend as if they had never had it.

'I can't get a cup of coffee for a dollar these days.
It's nearly useless as it stays in my pocket.'

~That's great.
More pennies for your thoughts,
You can say you have saved.~

What? '

Think of that cup of coffee as being hundreds of dollars.
Not to waste.
But to keep in your pocket.~

'Is that what you do? '

~Are you kidding?
But I must admit,
Giving others advice makes me feel good.~

What is it that you keep in your pocket? '

~I'm hoping you will give me that dollar,
You've confessed to me you can't use.
I will be more than glad to relieve you of that stress.
God works in mysterious ways.
Don't He? ~

'It's DOESN'T He.'

~It sure is.
But you keep that thought.
While donating to me that dollar.
With the knowing that God is good 'and' all the time.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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