That Day Comes

That day comes,
When everyone discovers it to find...
That friendships are gifts to be given,
With them meant shared to protect.
And not taken for granted to disrespect.
Time has a way of proving this to reveal.

That day comes,
When someone will remember...
An attention they received by another,
Had been undivided...
With a listening wished to comprehend.
And that friendship given will be wanted,
Back again to begin and not end.

Very few will find those 'discoveries'...
To reminisce with it missed,
Being taken for granted or disrespected...
As something wished as their preference.
With that to return back to their top ten list.

Who is it to know when that day does come,
What has been forgiven to forget?
Since changes to make today everyone faces.
And being stubborn to hold onto a pettiness,
Become wounds to feel to know them self-inflicted.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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