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That Day U Were High

Feeling high
up in that sky

sitting in my room
with all those shrooms

Not feeling normal
but feeling okay
Maybe a little better

Although the night was tough
these drugs
they made me feel alright

made me foget the feeling
i had for my family
when they made me angry

No more bad thoughts
because of these drugs

but was that enough
enough sorrow to end this life
the life i had shown
one of my friends

and how they took it too much
and thought they could deal with it
thought it was helping
when all of the sudden

They'r gone.

The way i felt
wasn't great
with all that guilt

how could i be so stupid
why could'nt i just have talked to them
not let them know of this
painful way
to make things through...

I wish they knew
that i am truley

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