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That Delicious Throat
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That Delicious Throat

Inescapable from the forceful arms of dreams,
I fall ecstatically on soft silk sheets,
My heart is pounding wildly
Thinking of her gorgeous body
Relenting to my pursuit,
Becoming one with my desire.

There is nothing light or shallow
In my fantasy to entwine my fingers in her hair,
To breathe her every feminine scent,
To possess her completely,
To kiss her lips and then dissolve
Into her soul.

I am captivated by her throat,
That delicious throat that I have seen
Wrapped in fashionable scarves
Or displaying the most hypnotic necklaces,
A throat designed for a master sculptor to sculpt
And then preserve majestically in the Louvre,
A throat for gods to touch,
And for a humble man to worship.

I cannot be released from devouring thoughts
Of her spellbinding loveliness;
I could walk frozen wintry streets
Shivering like a naked man,
But my heart and mind would glow
With the eternally burning embers
Of this ceaseless obsession.

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Comments (6)

Oh my goodness! I'm speechless. Very sensual and beautiful. Shannon
yes, magnificent obsession
how did i not read this sooner? magnificent job, Uriah! just fantastic! Jake
interesting descriptions in this poem. i think youve captured your thoughts very well.
Intensely sensual.....nice :) You have beaten me on the dreams! !
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