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That Does Not Mean I'M Right In My Thinking 'For Joe'

We originated from the one woman though different life journeys we've known
And we look at life very differently as one would say to each their own
Our sense of values are so very different the patriotism gene in you is strong
That does not mean I'm right in my thinking and that does not mean that you are wrong.

Separated by distance and ideals we have not met for many years
We grieved at the passing of our parents and for our sibling we shed tears
But little else we share in common you go your way and I go mine
We communicate yearly by letter and that arrangement suits me fine.

The leader you choose to look up to what he stands for I only despise
Suppose our differences makes us interesting we look at life through different eyes
Who knows I may be wrong about him but then again I may be right
To you he's a marvellous leader and to me he is a lesser light.

When you praised him in your letter I felt insulted am I wrong for to feel this way
Thousands of innocent people his victims and then to his God he does pray
And when you say he's a marvellous fellow I do respect your right to your point of view
But on this point as well as in many others I cannot say that I agree with you.

by Francis Duggan

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