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(that) ...Elusive Quality Of Life
( / Connecticut)

(that) ...Elusive Quality Of Life

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

A quality of life identified.
Seems more gratifying to realize,
At a certain stage...
One accepting to have aged is reached.
Done with few excuses left to make.
With a feeling blessed and thankful.
Prior to this acknowledgement,
Many will admit...
Being caught up in materialistic dreams.
Used as a tool to become convinced,
Possessing things to impress...
Brought them feeling when much younger,
A sense of achieving...
Steps that enabled them to address,
Success to have achieved it.
Only to realize at a certain age,
That process and a quality of life to get...
Has been stripped for a wish,
To be as basic as possible!
With it then to discover peace of mind,
One when much younger could not find.
Or could describe.
Until it finally arrived.
After enduring attempts made,
Faking happiness things to have...
Did not bring!
Or found to purchase as long to keep,
As one's peace of mind has.
To journey reminiscing the past to discover!

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